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Tower Of Power; Holding Shape

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Okay, so think about it what happens when the pressure comes on? What's about to happen? fishing up in the air. Okay, we're starting on these that going further away from the floor think about readjusting and how you're going to get yourself closer to what's his position there little out there early. So why was that was happening with his legs? So what's up? Just go back on. Well, she supports these horses Lakeland, Florida. Yeah, so you introduced your feet in a little bit. Okay, you need to push towards the floor. Okay. Well not too long. That's it. Because one okay. So we're looking at points again Ali thinking that point if you need just beyond the point of this hit there when he's getting that strong shape there good good. So keep going through that checklist so feet foot with knee Bend hip tilt is his chest parallel to the floor. Jack. That's it. Remember? Yeah. We don't want a big you in there. So just pull your guts up a little bit. That's it. So you get that hip salts a little bit more. So that's it. But let his chest drop down to keep that little asset. That's it. She thinks you don't want a big you in there. So it's a small unit again now tend to your old keeping nice and strong enough to lie. Okay, no pressure from from anybody on the outside only to do now is think about how you can keep as much weight through your feet. Okay. So at the moment there's probably a lot of weight going down for your hands. I think I want you to think about how you're going to keep that weight back down through your feet whilst keeping good shape and you going to try and pick a bot one of the balls off the floor. So keep them keep that then pull together. That's it. Great. Okay walks the side to lose it as you start to think about moving. Okay, then pulling that s***. They're brilliant. Keep it keep it. Can you pay and don't worry don't worry about you have to pull the ball. I'm dressed. You have to pull the ball a mile off the floor. It's just think about just easily off. And again it calls all it's doing is making you making the transfer that pong pressure stuff.