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Tower Of Power; With Towels

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We're going to do now. We're just going to go get will try it with these as well. So again, we've got buns we can use we'll just to again everybody's got one of these. Okay gun read your mom's laundry basket. Okay, so we can get towels. Okay. So I'm going to do is just going to use these so again for you for you to just Boise come out in the middle here because this around all these round his waist and again remember fellas. This isn't this isn't a position of trying to get into prior to the scum. These are just conditioning GSR drills and skills that were working on. So it's all about how we maintain this best portion the strongest position. Okay, so just wanted to do was just drop down into that position of the drive forward. We'll just looking at again into that tower of power push position and maintaining it. Okay. So I like to do keep your knees down towards the floor little keep that chest parallel is your drop down and pull it back up. Okay, so don't don't look down just lay forward. I want yes. I want you to think about your driving your feet hard in the floor and you got to work hard then working that to keep your chest up as well. I want lots of weight down through your feet not nose-diving again because what's gonna happen if y'all at Bali awaits going that direction? So again, we're going to lose the scrum. We're going to put it on the floor good. Go to low into folders. So then we just a condition is also again, we want to be able to hold it. So you take yourself a little bit higher up. So it's not just me, but I have to get to definite push into the into the low and push position as if we're going to be again. It's just a conditioning get the conditioning drill a little practice and drill first. They were getting used to holding our body and holding out our shoulders and chest up and how what happens if we start to think we're going to start lose our chest down for what movement do we think about doing to recover Bo see if I start to lose my chessboard, how am I going to recover? So nice down hips through chat. Yeah pull really work to pull that chest back up to those scabs on Boise. Good luck knees down towards the floor keep yet. Okay start again.