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Tower of power

The "tower of power" is the most important fundamental for coaching children contact skills. It is the basis of a players body position prior to and during contact and is one of the first techniques that should be coached

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Who knows what the total power is? It's our policy of the basic stuff from scrum, ruck, lineout General body position, which is important in pretty much every facet of Rugby. So it's a position you go into is the ideal body position. Okay for what he said so far the tackle the scrum what other facets of the game The Ruck? Yeah. Nice one. The maul, okay. So it's a really strong body position. Okay, we can be really effectiveagainst another team. The first thing you do feet shoulder width apart. Okay, you're gonna go into the balls of your feet after you've put your feet shoulder width apart and you're on the balls of your feet. You're going to bend your knees. Okay bend your knees and sink your bum down and stick it out like a baboon. Do you want a bent back?Do you have any power going through a bent back? So you want to flat back don't you okay, so Flat back. Okay, do I want my shoulders arched?What do I need to do them? So I squeeze my shoulder blades together like you're squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades and then you stick your chest out. Okay, it's really important to have that flat back if my head's sticking up. Where's my power going to go up Am I'm going to be effective. If my head's pointing down between my legs. What happens to y shoulders where's my power go? So you need a neutral position and you're going to look for your eyebrows your elbows you want to work there? Tucked in okay next your waist. Okay, so you got that flat back you're on the balls of your feet. So we're going to do is going to get into pairs go through those key points one of yous going to coach one of these going to do it. So first thing you do. Yeah, shoulderwidth apart, perfect. So yeah now he needs to bend his knees and then stick your butt out like a baboon. Okay, so what's it is this a position in the I did perfect flat blacks perfect needs a good on a gun the balls of the feet little bit more. Okay head neutral and then you look for your eyebrows. Look for your eyebrows. It's can you see me for your eyebrows? Yeah, okay now yeah, it's in a good position. Perfect. Nice really good flat back their elbows tucked in nicely. Just trying on the balls of your feet a little bit more. Okay. Don't sink on the that's it. Nice perfect body position and was the analogy I made. Was it needs to stick his bum out like a so if you if you tell the person you're coaching that you if you use an analogy and refer to something they want that picture and head straight away. So, you know, what body wasn't going to need to stick a bomb at nice and high. Okay. So your parents find the ball. Okay, and I'm going to test this to help our buddy position, see how strong we are. So at the same time as pushing him with the ball, can you help coach them as well? So it's back nice and flat was he let his he is back a little bit hot. So what can you ask him to do? Shoulder blades shoulder blades. Yeah, what did you do squeeze them together X and leave it as soon as I said shoulder blades you squeeze them together and that's much flatter stick your chest out. Perfect. Just go off balance. Okay go through that threshold on the balls of your feet and try and push them back slowly small steps, but keep that body position. Keep that body position. Excellent. Okay. Analogy on make okay is you want to be a plane taking off? Okay, if you're a plane landing, okay, where you going to go onto the floor if you apply do plane's take off like that to take off like that? Okay, they take off in a slow. Okay flat plane gradually into the sky. Okay, so that's that's the plane you want to go into. Okay. So if Alex has got the pad just quickly get the pad to Alex. Okay on a can maintain that body position going forward. Okay. So going to tell power okay maintain that flat body position going forward is by taking small shot steps some of it. Okay after you've done a couple of times. Okay, we need to bind onto the person so drop the pad. Okay, you're born around the waist. Okay, then you buy next to each other. Don't put one foot forward. Keep the next pit stop. Then you go back into the Tower of Power. Okay do the same thing. So get into threes in your three is one person has a part to people pushing keep swapping over don't you try this other thing called The Pines you're going to paint underneath them. You're going to buy an underneath him. There you go. Okay, so still think Tower of Power. Whoa, come up come up come up come up. So if we're together we could bind in and then still talk about our powers are buying first before we go down. All right, don't go down it think about exactly the same thing. So shoulder width apart. Don't worry about we just need this for now. So we've got our Walnut got straight back bend from the hip. I want to see us together pushing together. Okay, three, two one go Little Steps Little Steps going to finish something that okay. Stop you two. Go together to bond around a waste. Okay. You keep your feet next to each other. Okay, get your feet. Look at the moment. All your feet shoulder width apart. You don't have them to why Decay getting a bit close together and they're in the Tower of Power squeeze your weight. Squeeze your shoulder blades together Russell. Okay now push together Chase your feet short steps bend your knees a bit more senior boom done. Okay plane taking off. Okay, good. Okay. The first to me is a really good what do we need to do when we're bound to someone loosen the grip will keep it nice and tight the way through so it loosened. So then what happened to the power you lost a pardon you should stay nice and tight. So where did you find one the show you can go around the shoulder. You can go on show all the weight the waist is ideal. Okay. So the top has good. So you want to come forward to the pad don't make them walk in to get on the balls of your feet you to stay nice and low Chase your feet short shop steps. Go where our eyes as we do this what we're looking at. Why and also for your back your back straight if you're looking up through your eyebrows your back is straight. Okay, you ready to race three two one go. Okay. Can I stay for the movie? She said on your feet. well-done