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Tower Of Power; Swiss Ball

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Sheldon dutes again. Exactly same thing again. We're just looking at different ways of working the conditioner. So again, we can do these sessions outside or inside and in the gym Etc again for looking at the in yes, creating instability because it's all about how we recover and keep that shape or or maintain that shape of was as different pressures. Come on. Okay, so go looking at it yet. Go back to you go back to that. So looking at foot position. Okay knee Bend hip tilt scap. So on. Okay chest parallel to the floor head in that neutral. Okay again, all going to do just walk around trying to knock him off his position a little bit put them under some stress to try and lift. The shoulders try knocking backwards. Again. It's working hard to keep square and keeping that power for nice powerful position to keep your knees down there keep that keep that shape or slightly good knees towards the floor a little bit. each interrupted chin tucked in some that's it's all looking at keeping my head in neutral nice and strong through the good and rest. Good good. So you're looking at best push can keeping my hips up jackets caps on chest Paulo tuck your chin in. Okay, keep that chest parallel to the floor just roll them away ever so slightly Jack and then you're going to roll them back in good and go again. So you're going to drop your chest slightly. Okay good and roll them back in one more. Rolling back in brilliant good unrest what do we feel there? John? Yeah, so pressure pressure three albums until you again. So it's all real good strong conditioning stuff. Okay, as you start to drop his chest like the what else should drop. Why is that? She's got to keep his chest parlor. Okay. So again, we're doing against a bunch of cool. Never go first. I absolutely cannot go first. Just just want a little bit more sleep. Okay, so elbows on only one you want to think about is as you drop your chest you're going to drop in these as well. So where's his chest one in here little bit o PS or getting thinking parallel times. We just got to be really aware of where our bodies in space. Okay. So again, you think your little bit higher so you can you can fix your feet further for lift the hip size you're going to school you're like scabs on that's it. Good luck heading neutral. Okay, as you roll the balls away from yourself think about dropping good again. Don't just join us pushing towards the floor. When you think of us just squeeze and Fold It Forward and down psyche that chest parallel to the floor you start position to just keep make sure you keep in that parallel to the floor all the time. I'm back up. Good good save yourself again. Keep that chest parallel to the floor good extend as we go forward good. I'm come back up.