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Tackling 10 - Side-on Tackle

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Practice 10 introduces the side tackle. This is a one-on-one exercise with both players and Tackle suits. The attacking player runs straight with the defender coming in from the side and executing the tackle fall into hands of cake just walk through it slowly the foot close front foot closer there in their Drive head in tight. Okay, and then drive straight through the tackle Landing or top and where's the head on top? Okay, and then you can get back up on his feet. That is what we're looking at ready off we go through through through clothes driving up up up up up up. Yeah good. What are we looking to do with our legs? Fellas drive-through ready? Let's go through head drive-thru and up for Tom gym with his legs a bit more. Yeah, let's go again. Okay, let's go drive. Good. Excellent. Great work good work. Again. Defenders must stay tall and get their feet in close before making the hit the head position is very important and must go behind the Tackle should grip strongly with her arms landing on top of the tackle play using leg drive through the tackle. The aim is to put the attacker on the ground and reload quickly to compete. Let's go. Kirk a little high but okay little high let's go go. Charlie could leg Drive. Well done tighter grip get the fingers working tighter grips. Oh good boy. Well done much better Park. See great work tackler should aim for the attackers fly and make contact with a shoulder using their hands and arms to grip tightly. Good leg Drive is the key players should avoid diving into the tackle. The exercise should be progressed with the attacking player attempting to hand off the defender. Take it shopping with this arm. And then you're talking around there and drive through the tackle shop. Good. Okay, not bad quick one next one go chop. Okay, we're not getting close enough with a feat of the moment. You feel it you bounced off. Jump good. Well done chop that arm away chop chop chop chop. Good hair. Well done. Attackers should attempt to fend with their inside arm tactless must chop the arm away with the opposite arm to the shoulder. They hit with tackle technique Remains the Same get close head behind grip tightly and drive-through reloading after the tackle.