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Tackling 3 - Hunting a Tackle

Tackling - Hunting a tackle

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I'm next practice helps develop individual understanding of who and when to tackle with the aim of tackling man and ball together six attackers move around a grid passing two balls in any direction two Defenders must try to hunt a tackle gripping the attacker when they're in possession of the ball to begin with Defenders work individually. Does turn on restaurant Defenders should track ball carriers trying to close down their time and space the exercises progressed by allowing Defenders to work as a pair? Yeah, you're working as a pair don't work as a pair. Let's go. Keep me working. Keep you always knocking on back into the game back in the two Defenders must communicate to be effective here. They work together well to put the attacker under pressure. Let's go working together. We need another one of those another one of those Charming fellows working one of those but I could hit well done. Where should try and anticipate a blind spot coming at the attacker from sideways and tackling man and ball together. Individual Defenders must track the ball carrier trying to close down his time and space. Together Defenders must communicate and move as a pair. They should anticipate who to tackle timing The Tackle to catch the attacker in possession.