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Tackling 11 - Rear Tackle

Tackling - Rear Tackle

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We've now looked at front and side tackling, but what if a player makes a line break straight through the middle. It's important to learn the correct technique to chase down an opponent and execute an effective safe tackle from the rear for this practice attackers and Defenders should be in suits attackers run straight with a head start and offenders must chase them and make the tackle the attacker should try and keep moving forward and must not stop in the tackle this important that we get close enough to go high and then sink down slide down with a good grip clasp in the legs together. And where does the head end up on top or the boots and move to the side so we don't get the boots in our face. Okay, go go there there there down. What didn't we do Charlie really aggressive grip and slide down. Keep running young man. Don't stop. Okay go run run run run run slide slide slide. Yeah. down slide down slide down All right bad Alex. I'm action Alex get your arms working for you. Okay, go keep running. Great taco. Well done. Defenders should chase down the attacker getting their feet close before making the tackle with a tight grip. They should start at the waist and slide down the attackers body ending with the ankles grip firmly to one side and their heads safely on top. Once the tackle is complete Defenders should again reload to their feet.