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Focus on Scrum Half

Great scrum halves always bring their own individual elements to the game, but an excellent command of the basic skills is essential for all of them. Join now to see position-specific exercises and tips from Aviva Premiership Rugby players and coaches.

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I think coming to the World Cup the way the styles that teams are evolving. They'll continue to involve the teams that do well will be the ones that are consistent stay free of injury and have a core group of players that that take them through but evolve tactically I think great come hands will always have outstanding personalities and probably Larger than Life. They are the ultimate General and voice box of the tea and I want you to rip the wrist. Yeah, it's just the one we're it up when we step we're here to the balls our backs all your weight on your back foot. Once you step in through you step in that's point in that your base now and then we'll go in through. I want you to go through and you see how all my weights coming through my front foot if you don't have a great past and the great box kick and you can't defend You're going nowhere good boys, boys lovely passing lad. Yeah, you look at a will get in here, you know, they're the sort of world top players and you just think you know think of intellect rugby in to let and that captures. You know, how much is a real guy that can run all those aspects at the same time when you took your ball on the playground when you doing that always throw off you off your butt under meaningful practice to Target every time biggest mistake people make is just going just move the water each other really Pacific back to such 25 meters to walls closer.