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Scrum tips for Props

This clip provides some advice for the front row on their binding, body position and driving in the scrum.

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So basically is probably the hits been downgraded 25% So it's going to hit it's not as important anymore. But it's what you do after the hip so body positions where your feet are. Where's the power going to come from? So power is going to come from your legs. So when everyone's settled and steady rest going to call it and then the powers got regenerated as an 8th through the legs. So nice flat back fold it in. Yep, dropping from the hips down hot or now. It's going down straight down holding and then coming up down and up what's going on there for this. There's coming from hinging from the back to break break break. Put it too far apart. Yeah bit too far apart, but you boys speak still doing this? Okay. I want to see these kneecaps going towards the floor. Yep. We're slow it down. Slow it down, right? Okay break. See ya when you're coming in there. See what I said to you before really pretty perhaps your chest bring your hips down shoulders up. Okay. That wasn't bad. Yeah. That's all you bring the height up a bit. All right, so when we come in here, so I want you to start up here. Yeah, and then I want you to drop down from the hips there and then coming up. Yeah, so you see what I mean? I don't you angling down. Let's have a look fold in fold in buttoned-up bind up both your bind up not these feet back a bit and bring your shoulders up. That is down. Hold up down. Hold up break. So yeah, you there get a nice flat back when you go and down still hinging. That's why I'll go to a floor. I want these kneecaps going to the floor. So you see we're parallel here and then coming up one more time before we go into it. Let's go in. So these push these to the floor these down. So chest there. There we go. Bring your chest up chest up. Up up so hips down bring it right come up come up. So here you're just leaving the hips up there and they're not going to go anywhere but down, right so you bring your hips down. It's almost like you're sitting into it. Let's go. I'll see you boys as well. Yep down down from here. They're perfect Bud, perfect and up down those hips down with those hips and up one more. And up. So let me see you jump in those hips is good. So basically last season the hooker wouldn't strike for a ball you get a you get a big hooker and he'd walk over the ball and that pretty much the nine of put it in through the hookers legs anyone stripe, but now as the the ref will call the ball in nine to put it in or put in straight down the middle hookers really got a stretch across that means is outside shoulder is going to be put under pressure is going to ride up if the title comes across in them. So it's really going to work as body position still push we get a real good hook get get real good strike on the ball. Otherwise, it's gonna be left and in the tunnel, and then it's going to be messy ball. Lou said yep, so this is the um, she's going to go I'm up head across and I come off these legs. Yeah, we see your legs were straight. Yeah, you got no power to come off so really getting position where we ready and you could push those hips forward one more time. Sit a bit quicker bag head there put more explosive. So it's like that bang bang and then you go. Yeah, so he's going to be like this. He's going to be he's going to ride up like that. Okay one more time. I see it. Quick a hat. There we go. He's put a bit more pressure on. Yeah. Yeah, so, let's see it. So you loose aren't you? Yep big man. Let's get this arm high head underneath and then you driving off your legs here. So you fold in let's get this back real nice and fire stay at that height fold in. So yeah, I'm going to go slow for it. So this arm up there. They said across there and then these legs power. I want you to push up there. See see see em go at that. Okay, let's go. So I'll call you for it head legs. How's that feel pretty soon as he moves that head you sort of like that unless there's the drive gone. And yeah, so let's go she put bit resistance on that try and stop him from doing that. Okay. Let's go arm head. Yeah, see ya. The only thing I say about you that are is you doing the arm during the head you Russian of it make it three big movements arm head and get a good position. So from the start flat back and then f****** power off your legs here. Okay, so a quick look here. That's your stomach like this going forward in arm head legs. Yeah. We'll go just a quick bit on Annie's just to bind up see it was going to fold in here, but yep pulled in right and what I want you to do when I say push going to push off these right you push off the hips push stay up stay on it stay on your knees stay on your knees. Push push. Push. Push. Push. Push push brake brake push. Let us stay down any stay down in East push push push. Break break. So if you look here when you push in you were down like this and you go to push and you're knocking your feet back, you're not and you're going you've got your knees on the floor. You try to push from your feet where all the power is going to come from is from your hips. So when you go from here or to push your hip forward and attack your opposite, man, okay, so you're going to push your hips forward with a nice flat back you two come together justjust you to fold in. Yep, right. I'm push push push push push from there from there from there from there. Good work. Good work. See what you did there. He's pushing his hips to the floor and he's putting you under pressure. Do you feel it? Then? Yeah see your chins on your chest because he's extending with a flat back from this position and he's pushing the hips to the floor. That's where we're going to get power from the scrum really simple stuff hips nice nice and nice and high with the shoulders getting pushing straight.