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Richard Wigglesworth - Scrum Half Tips

England Scrum half Richard Wrigglesworth discusses the factors which help players improve and how to approach training

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a lot of stuff on our interview kicking and all skill based stuff, but when I was sort of 1617 decided that it was maybe some ought to do I dedicated half my lunch time to pass him the ball in the gym with one of my Mates is when you took in a ball on the playground when you're doing that always throw it off you off your bottom everyone like to tell these big long passes off the nice and and I was the same until 16 didn't dedicate any time until my weak hand and I wish I'd always always worked on that weaker side when when it doesn't matter not in a game situation when you're just playing with your mates in the park just work on that but under the Wiglesworth on to Hodgson Sheriff. Well, that's our Pleasant have to get out of there. The penalty is coming wiglesworth just slides of all through so meaningful practice in to Target every time biggest mistake people make and kicking. It's just going just booting the water each other over 25 metres to walls closer. I think you want to keep variety, but you want to keep some core drills in there that everyone does so you've got a mark of progress. You've got a mark of what you've told them to do what they need to improve and then what I would do the young Lads is ask them at start of every session. What did you do last time? What did we learn? What are you doing in between and then and see the Improvement this time the boys have been brilliant with me last few weeks and improvements from pretty rapid because we've done similar things with little tweaks here and there but definitely repetition of core skills is obviously vitally important. call