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Add A Competitive Element to Training

Rugby players are naturally competitive and tend to be more motivated if they are in competition with their peers. You can increase the enjoyment of your sessions and in turn, the benefits to your players' skill sets, by adding small skill challenges

Video Transcription

Here to be better every day. It's average. Oh, we do switched on we're doing it a hundred percent. Yep. Let's go. So you'll go to the five. You got the 22. Let's make sure I transfer spot on hands two hands. That's secure Joanna one always in the middle if I had good cons on the outside. It made my transfer so much quicker. So everyone anyone can do that. I'm looking for no mistakes. No errors, but speed. Yeah, guys. Yep. Date date. Thank you. Bye. Those simple things done really well consistently is very hard to do. A lot of people think that you know, they try and overcomplicate things. But if you can get the basics done well and get it get your players to do it consistently, you're going to be a very successful side delivery from the light out. So either just on the ground up on a platform hooker hits your hands, then you just feed it straight to the nine. So practicing left hand right hand both and you know, making sure whatever happens in the game. You've already practiced it, you know, lots of stuff with the balls always having a ball left hand right hand catching it over hand. So the balls in the grip and then up above your head as well with against a wall. So, you know, just just looking up and then left the right hand up above your head hit that rebounding Off the Wall controlling it in one hand and throwing it back Connected world. I hope it is the bathroom early signs good Colburn's holds possession of the ball and the back.