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Geech - Coaching Philosophy

Sir Ian provides an insight into the famous British Lions tour in 1997 and how important it is to have a clear philosophy. This ground breaking tour still has fundamentals that apply today

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We have got to be totally focused and single-minded about why we're here what we wanted out of the tour we go back to what we said right at the beginning. The only thing we came for was to win the test matches because in the end, that's how we judged. I don't care what sort of game they are going to play. I don't care how much it means to them. All you've got to show is how much it means to you. And if you do that personally collectively you'll just get bigger as the game goes on. He'll require courage. But above all of your required total honesty. Of what you do how you're in? involved in the game and how much you want to be involved and how often everything you've done is because somebody has put timing and Trust when it mattered normally as ever let anybody in this jersey stay on his own you've got to have the ability to put everything out of your mind, except if the balls in play you get back on your feet and you play Because you might just put the last tackle in you might just be the last pair of hands or you might be the last support player that makes something work every contact situation. You've got to mean it every tackle every kick off every time this jersey comes into contact. It's got to mean it. Because every single time it rubs every time it knocks every time it moves. It's an opportunity and that's how we've got to be mentally and physically we've got to be absolutely tuned into the plane on the edge. Right from the word go and want to be play the game a faster Pace than it Ministry Durant comes from Italy that place and he was he was he was naked and suddenly. Okay that big heavy big bellies. But if we move them around we'll get back in the loose player bobbin and Eric up the box of the asses of the Box. You never know what'll happen. If we get the right attitude right from the bloody star. I want us to play quickly. I want us to play controlled rugby, but most of all the ball carrier should never ever be left on his own. And we can only guarantee that is if you've been in the game and you prepare to be an again, it's about putting bodies on ball that skidding around it's about putting tackles in and I'm not just talking to for words. I'm talking to every single one of you because with the times out there today when it will need out-and-out bravery. This isn't a 15 or a 21 Man game. All we've got now is a group of players who are going to represent us and I said from word go it was important that whenever we went out on the field we had to remember two things. The only people who will really support as a hundred and ten percent other people in this squad and our families. Every time you've got ball, it's important. It's the biggest possession you've ever had in life. That's how it should be. We're now in a game and in a realm where we can achieve something that we've never achieved before. By doing the same things, but just by doing them better.