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Trust your players - John Neal

Psychologist John Neal explains the importance of trust in the development of a coach's relationship with their players.

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Okay, the next World Class basic is Trust. Trust is so important. It accelerates the development of a player it accelerates the relationship if a player trust you and you trust then things happened very quickly. I've been lucky enough to work with the military and one of the key things that enables them to make decisions very quickly and take the right actions is they utterly trust each other. No, I think the development of trust is one thing. But another question I would have for you as a coach is are you trusting? Because for many people they have to build a trust that indicates implicitly they're not trusting and coaches. I think have to be trusting people they have to offer their trust. They have to give it away and yet 10% the time people will let you down but 90% of the others it will accelerate the progress. So as a coach first of all, are you trusting are you prepared to let go of the past and look forward all the time in a trusting way. Of course, if you assess that the trust isn't quite there. You need to think about ways of building it and as a coach you have to walk the talk, you can't ask other people to do things that you're not prepared to do yourself. If you say you're going to be at a meeting at nine o'clock. You need to be at the meeting at nine o'clock. If you ask your players to dress appropriately you must dress appropriately if you ask them to get fit you have responsibilities to be in reasonable shape yourself as well. There are lots of ways to build trust and we can talk about those but the key element is first of all, Are you trusting and secondly can you build the trust because if you can it's a fundamental element of effective coaching and it really does accelerate the process of enabling people to achieve goals and objectives and dreams.