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Tony Rea - Importance of Basics

Tony Rea reinforces the professional coaches opinion that basic skills are the most important factor in player development and planning a training session. Coaches should focus on the detail of execution and targeting "Best practice"

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Yeah, a critical critical in what surprise a lot of people when they come to Pro training is that we work a lot on the basic skills. I think they think we're looking for the big trick or the big plan out there that's going to beat someone but it's really not that you know, it is all inside the basic skill and but I would say the best players are the ones that always is and before his value detail. Think about that and work hard on having those Basics done, right? Yeah, when the pressures applied they're the things that are going to get you through can trust yourself on effort and courage and fitness to get there but the skills once you've got that bit skills are thing that's going to execute it when you most need it.