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JWC 2012: Forwards Passing

At the JWC 2012 is was clear that more forwards were passing the ball.

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It was evident to the 2012 Junior World Championships that forward to making War passes. This could be the result of more integrated coaching at Junior levels, meaning all players grow up with better skill set. In other words. There is now more of a 15 man approach to the game. This table shows how frequently the forwards from each country will willing to pass the ball when in possession or average back row players pass more often than the front five Island had the most confident front row in terms of passing. This implies that we should continue to coach skills inclusively to every player. In the youth passing section of the site, you'll find this form three-party drum. It can be used to all age groups and challenge the players skill Under Pressure use training sessions to encourage players to try new things that are within their control. Try using full-contact to replicates game conditions.