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More Time on the Ball

Good players have more time on the ball? What they do do is prepare accurately with depth, width and run good lines. This sets them up to catch & pass with time and options. The practises in this clip outline some of the disciplines required to get you "More time"

Video Subtitles

If I get back to here just stay there. I want the ball here. Why do I want the ball here more time on the ball Dixon down at Short side slick handling Tom would Tommy's back inside Tom would pulls away of what stores? What's the first man? What do we want him do? Put Pace on the ball. Okay we go high-intensity. I'll you here for a reason. Yeah, we all know you can capture the pass. We need to put ourselves under pressure in this environment. So we attack it hard in here then what we're looking to do. Yep, Port past back shoulders round eyes round. Okay. Come on, let's go. Hold your depth. That's better better. Good. That's much better. Okay, all we do now when you attack here one into you to defend when they attack then you run through. Okay, so they get the ball from the scrubber you defend one into with putting people in on the outside and then the same coming back the other way, but we go put it back where we got put on hold or depth two Defenders has come up, it's Kate Jamie. I don't need you to make changes joining as fine would just do it like this. Don't run through after you've defended next to go. Good. It's on flat. Just come up to fence just come up with um flat in here have I got time on the ball? So we put we're putting ourselves Under Pressure, aren't we straight away? I put myself under a lot pressure. I see is we see this a lot. It's Sunday games for your clubs. Okay. So put myself on the pressure chance of me getting that ball away a pretty slim if I get back to here just stay there. Yeah, I want the ball here. Why do I want the ball here more time on the ball if I've got more time on the ball. What's that Curry? More options good. Okay, so I got options to do what pass what else can I do? Can attack the space in there I can attack on the outside. Okay, so that's why we just try and create that depth in our attack last minute. We've got the other hand. Nice good nicely done. Well done. What do you think? I saw change at the end? You thinking you moving? See if you start to think and react everything becomes better. All right tonight the whole the session tonight is going to be about you looking around appreciating what's there and making nice simple decisions and really you just suddenly looking at the basic catch pass the handling making sure they get their shoulders round eyes round isolating top from bottom real. I mean real basic stuff and then in and bringing Defenders into that. So as I said into the boys you can you can catch him everyone can catch him pass, but we always want to try and put them under pressure and in a training session.