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Passing and Support Lines

This clip shows the classic passing process but with a significant twist in what players can do post the pass

Video Subtitles

Well, I'm looking for you to have when you pass is a high elbow and going to pass off your hip you can pass off the same hand and leg that you're enough. Okay, sounds simple but as you go through the drill or adding little extras to help you along. So we're just going to start it now stop you and ask you some questions about how we getting on if I could have four people down there opposite yellow cones on the 10 meter line. For you go. Obviously yellow cones facing the cricket the other two fours here. You can be a feed of me for one second. Okay? All I'm looking for is a board to get from there to there before the line of yellow cones. Okay. I'm going to let you go and I'll stop you as in when I need to okay off you pop. good good start Good. Okay, hold that first thing. That's what kind of here pretty much nothing had a few yep's kicking around. Okay, but let's go communication right first I heard a couple of deeps but not really that specific. Okay. Why do you think we take it too much time on the ball? What's happening about hands the very front are they? So where do you want them? Yeah to decide if I've got my hands to the side I can catch out here and I can move the ball pretty much in one motion. If I catch a ball in the middle or on my chest I have to bring out after re-cock and then I have to pass again. Okay, so let's try and see if we can get the ball from here and then to whichever way up the people who are team are calling deep short wherever it might be. Okay first press goes your policy. We can do it good good better already. Well done better already. Excellent. Good good. And get that ball across early, right? You're right so much better. Well done. This is good. Let's get those hands up. Peace and the noise is better. Good. Okay, so keep going keep going. Right good best group so far. Excellent. Well done. See if you can stand the cones for now and become more important in a minute. Okay? Okay, how can we create some sort of depth timing speed onto the ball? Yeah. Hold your run. We've had some really nice handling. Let's see if we can force ourselves to really pressurize our own skills. Okay, we got excellent. Here we go there so much better good already better. I want you to attack and run straight with the ball. Also, when you want your pasta skirt or angle of the cone to the inside of the cone, why didn't that might be so if you're I'm going towards a ball it's called what? I'm help it if the ball goes over their support. Okay, so if you come towards me. Give me the ball make your pass. Okay, once your friend and Pastor out what you should come towards me and then when you succumb to the inside now, this does two things. It does. Yes. It supports takes me out the game. Okay, if I'm over here, you shoot out you come and take her what now leaves you two options you can pass because inside for example, if you were if we were practicing that okay, it would make my job more difficult also means you can now head over this way. So I don't know if you're really happy and you want to keep running forwards and you want to affect me stop pass. Where can you go to affect the defender now so straight inside me? Yeah. Okay. So if you can forward you've passed your going to support any blocks my run. Okay is also a line to support over here. And he's blocking me is a Defender so I can't get across and he's going to beat me to the next phase or the next pass or whatever. It might be. Okay. So now I want you to attack. Okay still constrain our basics of hands up for Three finished with the past but once you get to the cone, let's just cut to the inside. The cone is if we're going to support. Okay, you don't have to now but let's do it as if we are okay who's got kids of Carnage cut back here come across good. So when straight cut across the cone we go. Okay across the cone good. Okay. So now we're forgetting bad debt than that. I mean let's do that first then cut. Okay good. That's excellent. Great. Well done and out talk quick hands on the end. Good. Let's see if that third man can hold straight third man. Hold straight. Okay. I'm just going to go back to our first point. Now we're thinking about something else. We forgetting our initial skill, which is getting the ball out here and getting across the body as quick as we can to create space on the end. Okay, we all know we've reverted back to catching here and get across and now I actually is not so good because we think about something else get your skill done first then move on finish on the top note good as badger. Yeah, well done come in James. So spread out there there. You got the ball away quicker. Okay good. So at the end we can play a game that's going to that's going to replicate that sort of scenario where we're going to have you're going to have an overlap on the end. Okay. I want to see us finishing it running straight first to people you don't need to go too hard at the ball, but then the pace and the actually comes on the end. Okay, the last two people. Yeah, well played quick hands. Troy that play pull out the street Touch that patient five, where's its face? Where's its face girl or lucky? Well starting on the way. Let's play. Yes a two-on-one. Well done as well pick tough.