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Coaching Contact Skills With Games - U 11's

Using games to coach can be a challenge for junior coaches. In this clip the Sale sharks community coach delivers a session to develop contact skills at the breakdown by using games, questioning and challenging the players. This can be used for all Junior age groups

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Passivation finish it just having fun and like he's going to try some let's go try get up off your feet. Get up get up the somebody feet keep him down good lad definitely make new friends. Give some confidence States about the comfort zone gives them New Opportunities put some in a different environment great strength. Greyston special from you your mind fixed on glad so yesterday bring it in very very clear yesterday two more examples. If you get down on your hands and knees players learn by being in situations. I think we learn a lot more by being outside of their comfort zones. So if I said to you if you can point me where his pillars now Excellent work head of British. We've got a nice straight back. He's a good book reposition. Yeah, we're going to go on the knees and then want to try another one where you come off your knees. So just get that back straight before you start. I'll be ready. Let's go. Well the main aim here. Is this a little bit of contact one will work in all areas of the body? Bring the knees up? There we go. Well done s*** look up so if I see how many fingers am I holding up? Let's go three good head position. Are we ready? Let's go. Let's go to flip and move around if you can. Good work. So as you can see both both both gentle both teams working together and it's absolutely fantastic warm up just for go straight into a game in two seconds five seconds. We're going to go into game. You ready? Once we go into a contact area we go down present. We can have a little one-on-one Rook. Can we put the principles? We've just done there into our game. Okay. Let's go we test for that learning by asking specific questions to gain feedback from the place. Let me pull control. Okay, you jinxed me. Let's go wretch. It's got a lot of heavy red slip have a present how we going to present. Is there anything he could do with that ball to stop that ball? Moving hold it tighter anything specific about that. If you go one hand on the one hand over so if you just do that for me buddy, putting the ball that way why do we point the ball that way tactics he comes in in the passage straight away. So now we've got any sneaky scrummaster anything that ball is totally under our control. He will have a support player who comes over one second. Okay, then another player from the defensive side and we're just gonna have a little bit of a thing if the blues puts over the ball is Blue Ball good ball control and contacts they so we get a longer strong post. Oh, okay two hands on the ball. Yeah, don't throw it away. Make sure we pass it to somebody. Let's play lovely body position. Keep talking boys keep talking. Make sure we stay on your face support your body weight. Okay, but you down again good offload 7 size we pass once and went into contact. How did we score that try how many passes were the anyone remember two or three to three passes? What I'm going to do is become strict on the evasion skills before contact. Good and let's go out to space Taco presents. It rugged strong. Excellent. Does it passes the Sun Passes where to space? Yes, like live agency voted it you now remember we talked yesterday about dummies sidestepping go around. It's at the size of the person because I was going to see it. two hands, buddy good aggression excellent body position Buses full V to go forward excellent. We're going to walk through a quick example. If you go into a red as if it's tackle. Okay. There you go. Big tackle go down present all the Reds need to change. Don't stay on your knees. Just touch arms. I saw you do stay on your feet touch arms attacking wise now where we looking to attack. What will get quicker so that space the ball or the person in the ball the ball? Good good, so, could you keep talking to each other go forward? Could sidestep lovely offload? It's got it. Excellent. Look be losing ready is another chain. Yeah. It's another try. Come on. Let's work together defensive line. gray truck Jane Jane, but it's a boat. Go forward shade up a little change of pace bring it in. So when we started the game, the wasn't many tries scored. We've given you a little bit of space. How will we scored them tries? That's one of the things we've noticed with these camps is that they learn from each other and they're within our sessions earlier. One of the players were starting to coach each other as well, which I'm really big on as a rugby coach.