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Game for Communication Skills

A clever game created by Russell Earnshaw to encourage players to experiment and learn about communication

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What we're trying to encourage is as being a skill really is decision-making so ability to find space. I like the solution. I've never seen it before. I really know you're still going I saw someone doing it with chairs and it's a little bit like, you know, almost like a Christmas game that people did with chairs. And so I thought we can bring this into the pitch. And so so yeah, so we the cones get disabuse out and someone's gotta get to a cone and then it's about communicating. It's about actually what you're saying because it's really short time period so Communications got to be really concise. You've got to almost see something before it happens rather than standing watching the ball as often players doing games dollars half smiling because then started doing it with the boys in Fiji with the Fijian pliers, and he said they could play it for hours so their favor go. So, yeah, so that's got a you know, a few different strands to end you can use it to coach different things. So we sometimes might have two guys together and attack Trying to get two cones. And so those guys working together an attack as well or I might use if I'm using a new group and I'm bringing them together or feel like for whatever reason you notes are dark evening. It's a bit wet Energy's low that I can use it as a bit of a an energy boost as well. It always seems to do the trick. So if I'm going to code, so if we all if we spoke come this way away from the other cones. So let's just randomize. The cones randomize does not mean a circle. So randomize the cones. So Porter is going to try and put his foot on a cone. He can't put his foot on a cone that one of you has your foot on already. Let's do it done really brilliant great footwork from from Jay Potter, but however, let's go go. Okay, let's go. Okay. Let's go Joe Adams hands on hips. Let's get those hands off those hips. Let's Do It Go but you've got lovely Fates now I still going still going Max be you two are good faith does that let's go right away. Okay. What's the percent max? Why are we doing this movement stuff for the guy trying to get the cone movements agility communication and defense. So if someone next you moves you have to do what move with him communication tell me what kind of communication yeah, so some say a little bit more accuracy with our communication. So peers come to me peers push, please whatever it might be not what kind of stuff do I not want to hear what? Yep? Yep here here what else? They're they're love it the other day so much I can someone and that was it. So it's about getting really accurate communication go get them Max come again. That was too easy. I want to make him work. Okay, you guys you got 20 seconds to talk about it. You need a discussion now, they're solving problems, which isn't good for you. What's poor guy? Now? You still good? Nice done made. You come to me that's getting better. I'd love to see a 30 seconds. I'll be amazing. Wouldn't it? Let's go. No, put your back in pull your here because I don't know you're solving the problems. You could try it. Let's go. Let's go. I like that solution though that findings in yeah. Okay, we come young man. So I quite like your thought of what so what's it? What's the theory behind standing between cones between two on you? Yeah, and I quite like that theory let's play around with it. What's it very easy to do just watch just watch it's a little bit like I'm just watching the ball in the game rather than actually I'm scanning. I'm going to see what's what actually do you need to start thinking about my gaps? Yeah, Gap specialized what's going to happen next? So, where's he going to go if he goes there? Where's he going to go? What's Rory strength? What his strengths are? Is a game who let's go for down me to go enjoy. I like the solution. I've never seen it before. I really know you're still gained. I really like this solution. That's not a code dummy. That's not a cone. I like it though. You really should lie with their snow across our great work. Hey, that was good Chad Adams. You're the first person to ever suggest that for this game. Let's go. Ashley I like it. Nice now, you're still going GD. Oh, so I just think you can get a much better blow on their low much more while they're doing games than as opposed to running around doing mine the shuttles.