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L2 - Tactical Scoring Game

Skill Practice Description • Play 7v7 in the game area but mark different scoring zones along the try lines (use coloured cones). • Mark 5 metres in from each try line with red markers and if a try is scored in either of these areas then it will be worth 8pts. • The next two 5 metre zones moving inwards would be worth 5 pts and the rest of the try line worth 3pts. • This should challenge the ability to outflank or penetrate in order to build a score. • It may be that the defenders primarily defend in the outside channels leaving the middle with more space. • The attack can then take advantage of this new situation, scoring in the middle zone. • Thus identifying the weaknesses of the defence. Key Coaching Points • Spatial awareness • Communication • Quickness of attack at a disorganised defence • Skills to attack space • Footwork and evasion skills • Scanning skills • Decision making Relevance to the Game • This game challenges the decision making of both attack and defence. • If for example a turn over occurs, which score area does the attack target? • Which area does the defence cover and defend first?

Video Subtitles

This is just about tactical scoring. If you look at the try line down here, you will see at the end which unfortunately Harrison or somebody's put an orange one in between my green ones up there, which I didn't need so imagining that orange one isn't there to score between the two green ones is eight points to score between the two orange ones. And that's obviously there's one on that side and one on this side to score between the two oranges is 5 Points and to score between the yellows in the middle is three points. Okay. So any there are mixed colors you can't score. All right. Okay play Touch. Good touch. turnover react Well done, that's eight points to know to 5 and 2/3. So what do we need to try and do to the defense now? All right, take it wide stretching. Good. Okay Square touch good three-on-two good touch. Now. What are you going to get the ball to church? Don't give me that one you run through then they came around me on the line shown play yellows. Good good who supported you got to score? You've got this scar under the sticks to win the game to get the two pointer turn over react so much. touch good supports all a touch Play on touch. Okay, and hold it that guys.