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Games for Developing Skills

The coach reinforces his use off games so his players learn techniques in a competitive and enjoyable environment. Breakout drills are used to correct technique with questioning a key component of learning

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How do you want you to do now is try and judge the pace in the number of bounces you want to put in the ball. So if I'm going to say it to you by 2 and I can get it to bounce twice before it kicks up to July. That's a point to me. So I'm going to say to all right. The the game situational gamesense game understanding is really important and clearly that can only be done in game scenarios. And then when there's a part of it that isn't quite functioning the way you want. You just stop it ask them how it could maybe be better then address that with a little practice one-on-ones in twos or whatever and then put it back into the game. So yeah, all part of all is a big part of the way I coach halfway to 5 meter line. I've got two five meter like right no blocking of kicks. Okay, and you cannot run more than two or three steps with the ball. We're playing a cross guys scoring in the five meter line at the end. All right. So did you buy your team is playing that way play good good. same thing spatial awareness K nose holes Good. Go pass play on Good boy, that's a nice nudge Fossey. I'll give you that one. Nil. It's going to be a group kick now to your teammate. Good luck. behind him good nudge nearly allocate I'm not getting much good communication is to where the balls got to go good nudge with I was just doing a an introductory session for Junie players. I would stick to one cake for several weeks several sessions to really hone the basics of that before moving on to something else.