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L2 - Scatter Defence Game

Skill Practice Description • Ideal practice for when defences break up later in games or with counter attack decision making. • Attackers stand in front of a numbered cone and ball. • The coach calls a number and all attackers must run around their own numbered cone but whichever number was called, that ball becomes active. • At the same time a colour is called for the defenders and all defenders must turn and run around a cone of that colour. They must however choose different cones. • If a touch is made, the teams swap over roles. • If a try is scored, the attackers stay the same. • First to five tries wins. Key Coaching Points • Spatial awareness • Communication • Quickness of attack at a disorganised defence • Skills to attack space • Footwork and evasion skills • Scanning skills • Decision making • Importance of getting behind defenders Relevance to the Game • Great for coaching counter attacking disorganised defences from different angles. • Any player can be ball carrier and communication is vital as is decision making in identifying space and the best way to attack it successfully • Cones can be placed to shape different types of defence. Organised or scattered

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All right gents this game. We've got six balls numbered 1 to 6 from left to right blacks are going to attack when I say go. We're going to shout out a number you all run around that cone pick the ball up and then you're attacking that way as I shout a number. I also shot a color and the Defenders the yellow team you all have to run around a color. Sorry a cone of that color that's on the pitch. But you have to go around the different Carnage. You can't get you all going round one cone or two. If you're going around one cone. You all have to go around the different Carnage. It's just touch if there's a touch will swap it over. If you score you get a point and you will attack again and the first team to 5 will win. five Orange I'm finish it off. I'm going to award that one come in that's one-nil. As attackers when we turn and we come round the cones of pick the ball up. What are we looking at? Where the spaces? Okay, so we're going to head towards that space. But what else are we going to do to help the ball carrier? Support him. Okay, so that means changing our line, you know working hard to get into that space when we say communicate. What is it? We're talking. What is it? We're saying, okay good stuff Ryan search one meal to yellows. You're going to put that one back down ticks white. Unlucky I did hear someone say hit the middle. So the yellows you got one more go to tacking so they can make it to now. five Access school good communication that tell him about the two-on-one and tell him where you were well done.