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3v2 Warm Up To Switch On

Use this quick warm up drill to switch your players on for the session. It works on defence and attacking decision making as well as handling.

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Green same trailers last week. We got to defend his here fill in their threes. Attack is going defensive end is going to attack. Nice Jang. Nice hips nice boys fill in for side boys ready. Yeah. Nice also put the pressure on D defend this but it's run. Yes. Just trying to get the guys sort of concentrate on multiple things at once. Obviously. It's a warm-up drill. So we want to keep the intense de reasonably low so sort of the size of the grid and that sort of thing dictate the intensity of the guys can get up to which we try and limit during the warm-up but then the sort of variables obviously listening out for the call of when the ball is coming and then obviously they've got a look for where it's coming from and obviously communicate with each other working in a 3 on the attack and then in defense obviously communicating and working in a to based on where the balls coming from where they're going to be defending. Yeah Hodes. Nice good speed Bobby those ones. We're just doing sort of two-minute rotation. So it's really short and sharp in that in my drill. We probably have about normally 10 to 12 people per group. So my drill sort of five people are going at once. So it's quite quick that five can go then the next five and they just get plenty of reps in in a two-minute period will probably get five or six reps in so we don't really need much longer than that. So we just got I get quality reps and then move on to the next row. Get going good. Oh ready? Yeah. Nice Shack good d-boys. Good D to lie. I think you know the guys can get pretty bored of doing the generic things. Obviously. I think the generic things are worth doing and there's a reason why everybody does them because you need to get all your different muscles warm through all the strangers and that sort of thing. So we try and put the onus on the guys to do that stuff and then turn up ready to train and then when they turn are ready to try and we want them to ready to switch on completely as soon as they cross the touchline and they're ready and focused for a multiple a variety of things. Obviously, once we go from the warm up into the team training, there's going to be a lot of different things going on in terms of 15 on v15 and moves and calls and all those sort of things that they need to do in their team training so as much as possible get them switched in and ready for that and the warmup