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Functional Movement Warm Up Part 1

Every player should be able to perform these movements well! Mastering these will carry over to preventing injuries, managing collisions and maximising power and speed. Check out the related videos for part 2.

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But the flexibility thing we're talking about there is massive having coached a lot of Schoolboy level right up to the international level, flexibility, ability to play low. I.e.scrummage low, tackle low, jackal, etc, etc. That will be the biggest thingas a practitioner I spend more time in the gym with guys and girls working on. Some of the stuff we're going to look at outside, particularly in the warm up. Those guys are going to be, you know, put through some gymnastics stuff out there. We're basically trying to look at some exercises that you can bring into your warm up sections that are going to help them because reality is if they can't do it in a controlled way slowlyinto like a warm-up. There's no way at high speeds. They're going to be able to hit those positions you need them to hit there. It's making sure they've got the physical capacity to do that. So what we're going to do now, we're going to start going through the warm up. Like I said, we're gonna make it specific toconditioning stuff particularly for the shoulders and also in preparation for some agility and change of direction stuff. Okay, nice multi-directional stuff guys good right as you're moving around now just get a little skip on start skipping around. Good. Nice good now start backwards skipping. Let's see those shapes. That's a hop skip and a jump backwards in English. There you go. Good. Nice Right, so some forward lunges guys. So what you're going to do.Big step forward, back knee an inch off the floor, rolling through, 3 each side. Keep your head and chest up nice and high. Good now backward lunges gents. Yes. I'm looking for both feet together. Take a step back both feet together. They're just be aware of what's around you. Again, all we're looking at here are just some basic movement skills. Can they skip forwards? Can these skip backwards? Can they do some single leg stuff through range? Find some space. Okay, start working that mobility stuffYou're going to start off legs nice andstraight. You're going to find your toes there walk yourselves forward nice and far hands above head hold for two seconds. Bring it back in. Give me five of those. Now we're going to look at a lot of different crawl patterns all I want guys, bear crawl first. So hands directly beneath your shoulders. All you're going to do, you're going to walk forward. Elbows to knee Elbow to knee keep that back nice and flat, move around multi-directional go. Looking to see that back nice and flat looking down looking up be aware of what's around you. Hit the same position.Okay this time do it backwards you solve the problem to backwards. So what I'm going to do now we're going to do some shoulder rolls just be aware of what's around you so you going to come up you're gonna hit your shoulder go down and back up. You can do three on each side. Just be careful where you're going off you go. Yeah, So you're going to hit three on each side. So again, all we're trying to do is get the guys comfortable with being on the floor having those get out of jail skills so that when they're hitting contact getting hit they feel more comfortable being able to roll around and get our trouble nine times out of 10. It's those pardon my French those oh s*** moments when a player hasn't come across a certain particular movement where they produce something. Keep going guys. Jog around as I'm talking keep warm. Forgotten my point.As they're basically get into a situation if they haven't got the skill set the physical skill set to get themselves out of trouble. That's when they do something different to body doesn't recognize it. That's when stuff breaks and those strains happen.