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Quins - Warm up Wrestling for defence

This exercise can be used as part of a general warm up or specifically in preparation for contact. It can be fun but also physically demanding and good for conditioning. Younger players may benefit from the confidence of ground contact prior to learning how to tackle

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On the floor, please Shaun Donovan top of him on the whistle chats were all gonna be on the 10, huh whistle, you're going to try and cut off the floor been especially can using your core using the upper body. Okay, you're going to keep him down and everything. He's ever you need to do. Shut up Shawn to keep you on the deck. Okay. It's got to keep that short keep it down. Come on Josh. Come on. Come on. Just go on standard out yet that loot Europe Europe Europe. Good good. No, you're not. No, you're not gonna get your hands off the floor goodies up now. Okay Partners change your voice. Sure. Okay, you got him you got him. You got him Eastern Turtle. Nice work. Come Bane. Go invade Europe Europe. Good effort. Well.