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Reaction Tackle

Keep your players on their toes with this quick-fire 1v1 tackling exercise. Start with bags then progress to live tackles. Defending players have an obstacle to negotiate before performing the tackle, just as they may have in a game.

Video Subtitles

So this exercise is about the defender coming out behind an obstacle. So maybe another defender or blocker? Okay, so we need to get our feet in tight. You make a late sidestep. So the attacker comes up makes Allied late sidestep the defender in grab the bag hit on the right position just driving back a meter to so we're not completing the tackle. We're just driving them back. Okay, when you when you go he'll go. Okay. Nice good the scope and come around Johnny. proper side step lib nice good side step back Hayden. Nice good. Okay, Jenny, you defend. Keep those bags Titan. So what you could do is you can actually build this up progressed this to have three or four sausages and a line of Defenders and a line of attackers and then the coach tells the attackers which way to go. Okay, that's great. Okay, that's now grab a ball. Let's have three of you guys defending pass to the side grab a ball each. Three people were ball. So you just do the same thing and it's live same thing, but it's live. So if you just been defending or attacking no bags. Balls up here Hayden defend. Okay. So you three guys are defending guy exactly the same. It's at about 60% But let's just make sure when we do sidestep we're actually trying to you know, get to the cones and score as if the cones are the try line. Okay when you're ready, let's go. Driving back great. Let's finish the tackle. Now. We're going to finish the tackle complete the tackle. Nice tackle Alex. Kotaku hiding and well up on your feet. Excellent. Lead with that shoulder limb good work and I step okay hold it. Just wait until they flipped when till they've cleared from a safety perspective. Nice tackle. Okay guys, that's great.