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Scrum - Tighthead tips for Senior Players

The dark arts are not for all of us, but the minority of specialists will benefit from this clip. You can share this video with those who should see it. Go into the video library where you can send it on - RCD Video Library

Video Subtitles

Right. Nice. Nice. Perfect. Perfect. Great gonna warm up. Okay. So if you fold in fold it nice flat backs. It's a good start. What do you say one thing one thing this side drop his feet back a little bit and drop these knees to the floor. That's good. Right? So I'm going to go down 20 feet hold and up. Okay any points any points chest up? What's he doing there? Where's his hips going? Breakdown where they're going exactly. They're going back, right? Okay. So what I need to do, but come up come up for what boys have been telling me as well. Is we go we're doing the held hips coming down, but we just go in down like that and we drop in the height, but we're not going. It's all right, so we drop the hips. They don't go down onto your heels. They go forwards over a toes. All right, that was really good. So let's go again show us we're going in. It's just a warm-up to get down drop those feet back down better up down better up, right? Okay, so we're going to do this and then what we're going to move on to so we're going to warm up doing some body positions. Then we're going to go into the arms of the props might be a bit boring for the second rows, but we'll bring you in a bit. All right. So if I will get some Partners tight head drill you want to tie Ted you're too loose said show me, you know the one so he's going to attack you and what you're going to do. Yeah, come off your hips. Okay. Let's see it. Say loose that's going to attack. Come across go out. Let him come up. So you're going to you're going to stop him. Yeah, let's go again. How you going to stop him? Yeah, so you got to come up let him come out here. Let him come out you go down go down go down. Not as much not as much you try to just resist a little bit. All right, let's go again. It's little bit less little bit less. Where's his feet wears his feet there Google nice break. Okay, just slow it down a bit. We don't need to rush it. All right, but you just getting a bit straight leg to right. Let's go again. Everyone do this one. Let's go. Let's go. Let's see it. Nice nice tennis. Let's go boys. Let's see it. Whoa, right. So I want what you just to let him bring you up in the air. So your chest is coming up and then I want you to come down with your hips. Let's have a look. So look flatbacks flatbacks. Let's go I can perfect awesome. Yeah, see when you put there because your big lad. How do you feel then? Put the weight come through? Yeah exactly swap it around now to attack him. Let him come off his legs. So you're committed you're going to be getting attacked now Lou said drill. So you fold in what the movements? I'm head legs. Yeah. So show let's do it slowly. So go in for find up arm head off your legs. Yeah, you try and resist. Don't let him move your right. Okay, so it's power drill three movements arm head underneath bang you go and Chase. All right everyone who's opposite you try to resist Yeah, you talking yeah. Yeah. Yeah head under there. So it's arm way that bind up and up. So this our most abundant it so that arms going up head under and then off your legs and then you'll pop it in. Yep. So that's where let's see this I see this Nice nice. Yep, you're on. Right break ever come in. So what we're going to do here is it's two versus two versus one drill. Right? Right. It's a drill for the tight head this so right there's gonna be two against you. What am I going to want from me here when you're going to just going to fall in and from when you set what am I going to want from you? It's low hips chest up flat back when the pressure comes on what you're going to do start leaning on from where hips where you force them to the ground. They're going to try and put you in there. What I want you to do is bang put the weight down. Okay, try not to walk around because in a scrum you'd be staying straight. You just stay straight there might not be anyone on you stay in there. So get a second row behind him. Yep. So we're going to fold in we're going to fold in. I'm going to say pressure on when everyone's dead in good positions want you to drop the weight or want you to attack him. All right. I'll go. Yeah full out full out now. She will start off 80% hundred percent. Okay fold in fold in firstly. Well, yep. Not your feet back. Let's go go. Go go go. Go go go. Pray. Pray. Pray. Whoa! Okay. Try not to come transcript around start off with trying a straighter. Yeah. I was good start off with but when you went in you were you were pretty pretty you know bunched. Together subtract get those feet back in that real nice look up position. Try go straight and then Mia still do his arm and head but don't come around for the sake. Let's go again. fold in fold in Brush up Coco Coco Coco Coco outstanding break break break see that Miles better. Yeah. Okay this time this time if we go in here you two against me. What would you do put your Swede there? Yeah. Yeah. So you're going to put your so we go in here instead of just staying there. Put it there, right? So when he walks around on me walk around on me what right go around the outside and you follow him you follow him, right? So he doesn't have a chance. So the weekend they're walking around in you. Yeah. So if you if he walks around you follow him. So I'm and here pull it. Keep going. Keep going and keep going around. I used keeping it there. So it doesn't it doesn't have a chance to come back here. So let's just try that now. Let's not go go 70 because for the sake of this drill, you just keep him out. Okay, so it's falling again, you know walk around them slightly. Let's go in fold in head there right go around and go around and keep your head there. Keep your head there. Keep it there break, right and then Okay, so we've come around and you his pasture then you go straight through the scrum. So, you know if you watch it, but when you see the good scrums a scrubber walk around the outside and then you'll see the good scrums walking through straight shit. Yeah shaving the scrum off we call it so you've got on there and then a rich really want effect basically like an undercut straight through the scrum. Okay. So let's go through that again. Let me sweet on his head across so you can walk around on him. What round what ride what Rob go go. Go go go go go and then you threw second rows chasing. He'd have a guy in his outside. So one slip and you go through. Okay. Remember Swede on the his chest arm on the side. Let's go. We do one of these if it's good. We'll go for a hundred percent a okay hold him. Folding get your head across flat back flat back. Keep it down. Keep it down. Go heads heads heads heads heads heads Heads. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going good. Good stuff good stuff. See it's not tight. I'm at space. Do you have when his arms then his head is on yours. Yeah. It's a lot harder in it about the hit. Don't forget about this. Yeah ball in. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Crouch I'd set is the brake brake brake. Yeah, really? Keep your head down here. Yeah Crouch. Find set go go go go go break break.