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Quick Fire Passing Grid

Use as either part of your warm up or as a breakout, this exercise is a high intensity passing challenge. Encourage your players to take ownership of this grid and manage the intensity themselves. Should create lots of fun

Video Transcription

Who's the defendant number of good better competition? Are we just going to count last one? We'll decide what's going to happen with you the end of the session. Yeah, the one who stays in the middle of the longest. I'll count the numbers ready go. Oh here in Jake. Let's go go go. Oh you hit near India Indian? That's for. Cameroon go who inject nice woohoo. like at Tyler Now, he's good five. That's five. Six Eyes on Fire. 79 come on mate put pressure on him eyes in a video. You have people that help you by Sosa Donnelly. So you want to push yourself to the Limit because you want to achieve this. Defenders back to the cones you guys back to the line and it's just through the hands-free V2. Yeah. Yeah ready go. So, why do you think that didn't work? Don't Telegraph play the picture. Come on numbers up ready free to go. Now I feel like that.