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Conor O Shea - Managing officials

Conor O Shea discusses the importance of how it is important manage officials during a game

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You're not going to change anyone's mind referees have never changed her mind, but I think you can ask the pertinent question certainly in terms of ensuring just getting something into the head of a referee. If you feel that you're being penalized and other teams getting away. Just knowing when the right time is is something that I think Captain's will grow into because when you're a young Captain, you probably want to be talking the whole time to the referee talking to your players as you grow into a roll. You understand there are times when a ref get irritated because the crowds on the back the players are shouting out of there is a time that you kind of go. Listen. I'm going to leave them alone here, but there might be a quiet time. There's an injury and go up you can have a quiet word so interaction with but you're never going to change someone's mind. So don't be confrontational just be very matter-of-fact and go with something. Sensible as opposed to a winch the whole time.