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Tag Game - Mis-Match Tag

A TAG progression to identify attacking opportunities

Video Subtitles

Can I play just normal tag Roby? Okay, so is normal tag robe. If so forget about the cones and everything. Okay, so it's normal tack. The only thing is that those people in the old colored bibs when you are defending you're not allowed to run you can only walk when you have the ball. You can run you can run Rachel when you haven't got the ball. You can only walk same with. No, no there when your team has got the ball these two just normal attack is okay, but when you haven't got the ball, you can only Walk Like Roses beige. Where's the space? Good? Good. Good. Good. Good. Try well done one nail. Okay and play. Where's this bag? Whoa got tagged in you. Okay, let's have a look at where they are and play. Where's the where's the support this look who is out to Shane? Okay my ball. How long have you got to pass chain? Three seconds. So do we need to just throw it away? But if you need to 3 seconds take the 3 second Briella if we take the three meter, let's think about where the space is and play. Good luck out there. Nice. Good dry county. That's not let us come in when you are attacking. What you looking for? And about support. Well, she looking for Rachel space. Well, she looking for the bibs why right because they can't defend as well. They can only walk. So we're looking for weaknesses in the defense and that's where your spaces where your support is and where the weaker Defenders are. Yeah that everyone happy with that. Here's your ball and play. Okay, good. Okay and touch that plate. Go he won't Rachel nice passing yellows. Nice. Try good. Well develop good. Good. Good. Good. Okay play. Roy let's look for their weaker Defenders, where's their weekly fans, where's the space going to play it? Play it play it. Nice try. Well done. Good the guys in the bibs. You have to have both tags taken off you before you have to pass. You can still only walk in defense, but now in attack your strong attacker both tags have to be taken before you have to pass so you got two tags. All right, so weak Defender but a strong attack at play well Help I've got poop bags off now going to take both of them to stop him. Oh try their job. Yo, you got any booze over the lightest race goes? Well Dad. Yeah. So yeah, it's like you're going to take two tags off them. That's one troy scored. Well done good defense. So like that great content. Think about where we're going where our yellows remember it's two tags on the on the greens and plate. I'll take two that's one. That's two good good love. Well done. Oh great. Try Rachel. Well played in have any tax taken off. What a star.