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Tag Game - Piggy in the Middle

A TAG variation to keep challenging decision-making

Video Subtitles

What we going to play a little game K of piggy in the middle now when we play piggy in the middle, what are we trying to do? What are we trying to do piggy in the middle? What's the idea of the game? Yes, Miss. So try to stop the piggy from getting the ball, what do we need to do for that to happen? What do we need to do for that to happen? Over them. Okay. Is that sometimes easy to catch? Okay. What about what about the sides communicate? Why what does that mean? Talk to each other. What am I saying? What you're having for tea tonight? What am I telling you? Actually, right let's have a look and see if we can do that. Okay, get the ball. Give it back to them. See how many times you can intercept it and you're going to go for a minute. Are we ready? Go go. How long can you go for? Can you go for a minute? If you've got a little ball or tennis ball? I do you need to have your hands to catch it. They've really spread the fingers open now. That's the catch a little ball. We need a finger spread. Is it any different catch a football? Is it any different the catch the rugby ball? No, it's the same thing. Okay and start their right which team as any team kept the ball away from the piggy, right? Why? Okay. Why why are we not why we not keeping the ball? We're not moving. Okay, we're not moving the person with the ball stand still. What's the other two people? Do they me? What are they moving to? Wasting the piggy. Okay, let's not stand still is that the other two people moving 30 seconds now, let's see which girls at least the mighty mistakes. Okay. Don't touch him. Don't touch him. Carrie Smith when you're standing still standing still you like my granny now move don't move. Don't move. They move the whole this whole tell the ball brilliant. But you going where you going with the ball? Okay. Did we talk did you know where he was? Okay, did you know where he was? Excellent. Okay. Yeah, it's important tell him when they are great because they're moving that's words see good that we were going to 9 but we going to now good rugby ball put your bull that in the Square rugby ball group to the football tennis ball group The rugby ball football to tennis ball a different Ball, but it's no different get your hands up. Talk to the space ready one minute play. Talk right if you were doing mass or if you would do in English, what would your teacher tell you all for doing? Its you in a mass or an English class? What does Miss alway say? Stop talking you are now playing rugby. Rugby is all about talking. That's why I love it. Okay, you play for 20 seconds and I can hear okay the birds in the trees making more noise who said communication earlier. It was a communication. What did you say communication was? Talking. What do you need to tell the person with the ball? Brilliant, did we do that? Are we going to now fan tastic? Let's go talk to the ball talk to the ball talk to the ball moves then talk to the ball.