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Tag Game - Keep Ball Tag

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Two hands on the ball. Okay, if the Bulls touched or if your tags come out place the ball by me go back in and try and help your friends by calling for the ball. Let's see how many of us can stay in the game. He will balls run away tigers go and follow stay in the area stay in the area of Joseph Bay Area. Okay. Someone's been tag that you come Joseph. Okay Bulls been dropping the ball. I take the ball out. Miss take the ball life. Can I go and help other people? balls been touched your right Who's free who do your ball to who you give the ball to? So whatever the floor that's why good that we've gotta get a move on again for you get brilliant unlucky. That was fine. Maybe you get a ball to you. Give the ball to you. Give a call to that's okay. It's hit the floor, right? Okay, stop there. What can you hear a lot more of now? Pretty God I can hear a lot more noise and that's excellent. Okay, he made that last pass for me in the corner and made that last pass. Okay. Excellent. What's your name? Freddie? No, Freddie. Okay had four people chasing him had 1 2 3 4 40 had seven people calling for the ball. Brilliant. How close were those people? Not very close. Who could you see for close to Freddie? Who could you see close to you? Okay, the Tigers the Tigers were closed. So what did you have to do to throw the ball Freddie? How did you have to throw the ball? Big three get caught. No, so people that were waiting. You're doing a very good job asking for the ball, but let's get a little bit closer. Stay inside the case. Keep playing keep playing keep playing. I don't help someone. I don't put your ball down. Give me the ball. They don't help someone get put it down. Put it down and go help someone. Can we move the ball? Can we move the ball? Can we move the ball? Okay. Keep playing Joseph Joseph keep playing. Can we get the ball to someone that ball straight at you? Go who's free talk to the ball? Okay.