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Conor O Shea - Do half time team talks make a difference

Conor O Shea talks about how half-time team talks can a difference to performance in the 2nd half

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We're not great at starting after halftime, which is something we're trying to address. So probably not the right person to be asking that question and we its massive in the sense that it's your chance, but you often find and there's a great word been that's all his band around their best player and Paramount. You knew when you were a player the players generally see what you see there in the heat of battle. They may not do the things you want them to do with in that first half but they have actually seen what you see. So a lot of it, you know, ask the players and they will actually tell you what is going on the pitch and more importantly come up with some of the answers as to why they have done something that might be off script but you can't have robots on the page. So it's an important time to just be able to say do you see what I see? If you don't maybe I'm saying the wrong thing as a coach just Cuz you're on the side doesn't mean that the heat of battle there might be.