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Expert - John Neal - Systems

John Neal explains the importance of a system for coaches to fall back on.

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When you under pressure as a coach, it's really important that you have a system which you can fall back on a system that you understand really clearly. There's an expression in sport that you learn more from failure than you do success. I disagree. I fundamentally disagree we tend to learn more from failure because the intensity of the review is greater than when we win if we lose we all sit down and we work out why we lost and we find all the reasons why we lost if we win we have a drink what would happen if we applied the same intensity when we win and ask the questions. Why did we win? What did we do? Well, because if we can create a system of framework in our head of what we do well rather than what we do badly. We are more likely to move to what we do well because the brain doesn't work or understand positive and negative. I'll explain if I asked you not to Do something your brain will immediately focus on what not to do. So, let's try this whatever you do right now look into the picture here look into the frame and think do not even think about an animal that moves don't think about the animal cast it from your mind do not think about it. Was it a brown cow or a black and white one? You see that's the problem we have with the brain if we create a system it needs to be a system of what we do not what we don't do. So if you're a world-class coach start thinking as a coach when I'm coaching really well. What do I do seek feedback to understand? What do I do? Really? Well try and avoid just focusing on what don't I do when you've got a positive system a positive framework and you analyze again success you often avoid the need to fail See if you don't fail and you keep moving forward. You can only progress I don't know about you but as a coach, I would rather progress because I analyzed against success and wait to fail and then try and work it out.