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Paul Gustard - Advice for New Coaches

Saracens' Paul Gustard gives some words of wisdom to new coaches.

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Himself, you know, you got to understand by what your strengths are going to work to use. Don't you understand? What sort of culture you want to be? Don't be more technical doing one. Let's go morgaine based. You're trying to work out what your students are going to be doing more motivational and with that then trying to impose yourself on the group in essence with teachers. We were trying to educate and tigers much by in as possible from as many people as possible to try and get one common goal. So you get more go another Direction, we've got to find your own style. What I do will be different at those two are lovers of persons the right to me not necessary, right? It's not necessarily wrong just the way that I do things. Okay, and with that in mind, it's important for coaches to learn from each other possibly, you know that is until the day I stop coaching and there's going to be more things. I can learn along the way certainly over for five years of being exposed to a lot of different cultures. A lot of different environments. Very forces have been coached by some regular cultures during my time to Bob ones as well and you can learn a lot from those and also obviously had a quite strong opinion. Hard wants to coach and hard to come across the place.