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Dean Ryan: Sharing Ideas

Dean Ryan highlights the fact that coaches don't know everything, and that sharing knowledge is a key part of coach, and therefore player, development.

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You know, I think there's that there's a mystery around coaching that you know more than anybody else and that's why you do it and you realize pretty quickly. They don't so that they're not sure what the point of secrets are as you realize pretty quickly. They need to be able to facilitate ideas and you know in every part and you know, every part of the team, they'll be someone that knows more about that specialist area than you and as a coach you've got to try and frame that you've got to get the best you got to create environments for that knowledge to pass on at the same time. You've got to be steering it in a way that you want. So, you know, it is knowledge is is very important to keeping the game heading in the right way. And as I said, there's that Balancing Act, you know as a coach you've got to get right and if you understand that then there are no secrets because we know what is it. We're trying to keep secret and I think there's an awful lot of developing coaches who are desperate for information and you know knowledge about the game and yes. Important but it's also important to having the confidence to talk about it and accept that someone knows more than you and and therefore when he knows more new. Okay, how do I get your ideas into my framework? And I think you as you as you get older you realize you don't know as much as you think and that's the you have to facilitate.