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Conor O'Shea: Key Skills

Conor O Shea - Harlequins DoR

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The key skills and this is where probably the younger players and I will think that I've gone to the dark side of an old the key skilled haven't changed the game hasn't changed the physicality is changed. So that's key for the modern game, but the fundamentals of the game will never change its catch its kick. It's past its doing your Basics and if you can do your basics in the simple things when I always find it funny you go along and who The Benchmark at the All Blacks you go along to watch a training session and the All Blacks training and people go. Oh, well, this is simple. This is what we do. They're catching their passing you go that is all it is and young players get bored doing the basics if they focused on doing the basics that have no problems in any level of the game.