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Managing children at training - Paul Hull

Paul Hull explains the different challenges in classroom management at summer rugby camps, and the importance of trying to keep the activities fun.

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This is is interesting here because if it was in a classroom situation or a school environment then obviously this is a plane detention and there's bigger sanctions but on a summer and we can't we try and keep it flowing try and keep the fun element very high, but you just got to try and you know work the masses, you know, if there is a couple of individuals constantly being a pain then you got to going to you know step in but hopefully we try and keep it flowing not too much of a schoolteacher mentality, but we've got a they do like to batchat. So you'll find later on and again, they're in the game that I will be sort of telling people and punishing them put into the sidelines for maybe 30 seconds or a minute of yellow card scenario just to try and get that to spin up but it's a challenge. It's a challenge.