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Since the game of rugby sevens was created in Scotland all those years ago one crucial ingredient of any team has been speed the speed man almost like a speed of thought. You know, it's a I think I don't think we have one of the quickest teams in the circus. I think they did that must go to England and they really have some good species but price is important. You were looking for 4 players again - Our Father over 40 meters in the more players, you can add like that, you know, I need a kind of face and also adding the the work ethics with it. Then you definitely have a deadly combination and hopefully we'll get you into stitching. No do doing go. I would pack our Wingers as being the quickest in the tournament. You have to have an outlet. So you'll play makers can create Gap comes shape and so much some opportunities. If they can't get it finished and if you can't have someone that the opposition are scared stiff of then you're not quite Got the Right Mix to your side. We've got to out-and-out gasps men. So we're blessed in that department when you have a best being a teammate this helps get you out of a lot of problem. So when things do break down you're able to kind of use your feet old gas, whatever to guard that situation. So it just helps give you an up extra help and Andre. This is the green. This money's flying remembers getting the ball and seeing the space and dysentery going outside of him really and it was it was a good feeling, you know, we were dying at that point and you put some some position in those any like two minutes left in the half. And so, you know, it was written really pleasing to school at try so substitute for place, but you've got to have the repeated speech like this, you know be able to do it again and again and again and that's a real key because someone it's not as quick but if he's got those down or other thresholds that you need and he's going to catch those printers. So it's great to have a place but you've also got to be able to do it again and again, which is important. Yes, it seems there's no doubt speed is important. Maybe the most important thing and all the top teams have a flyer in comes after the team. It helps the team to have enough. It will get you out of trouble when the player can run 80 meters to score. But I'd say it's the collective that comes first and that pace is a bonus the wall acrylic difference with the And this is a nice run by Miles prank. Well former American football player and that emphasis on athleticism and speed open sevens up to A Whole New World of stars. Yeah, I definitely think I've developed from my first game for sure just being around a lot of rugby over the past year has really helped me increase my game and my experience and Technical aspects of the game really trying to do well in rugby in Excel as I didn't football on, you know not be the football crossover, but the rugby playing now.