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Conditioning - Warm-up & Speed Work

Warm up exercises and techniques are used to teach the body the mechanics of movement and potentially how to improve. Accurate technique is important and the trainer uses a variety of games and races to make it fun and competitive

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Massive coal star. Ydi boys. Let's start with big nice be walk into deep lunge beat lunch. Big step when you get to the bottom. I want to see you squeeze that cheek get a nice stretch in that hip flexor. I walks up as high as you can. Ankle hops nice and stiff nice and quick as much noise as you can stop when you get out to me. Stop that. What do we think about the noise was that loud enough? Yeah, if this mic can't pick you up which will double check on you're not doing it. Well enough big sumo squat there, but big sumo squat stand those heels. So remember we're going to work a lot on being in that good strong transition. So let's get into that nice wide stance now sideways X so together forward together back. This is Joe even doing a little spin move their body. I guys acceleration work my three top things that I'm looking for. Triple extension triple extension. Where does the 3-bit come from? I'm cool. Hip and knee. Yeah, I'll help me full extension point two angles. What angle do we won? 45 what else? Yeah the Schwing so imagine we've got that X sister. And that's leading our weight transfer. So we want to get that over our front foot set up a 45 person behind you. You got a set that position up. So here you already kind of pushing into the floor. You're all like a coiled spring ready to go. Then you're setting up that 45 degree angle and that belly button. Drink is ready to go. So you and you already off got to be quick on that first. Yeah, kind of if you imagine where's this pin to start? Thanks, yeah 13th at 45 degree position. So that's what we want to set up. Quickly as we can. So it doesn't matter what position were in when I back what I was trying to set up that 45. Yep. That's the best angle for acceleration when I say go you go, okay. better go. Number ones you are leading. Remember, it's white light and white line number two is you've got to get there with them this time though can't change direction soon as you've committed. We're going to run it through you can dummy but as soon as you've gone like more than one step you've got to commit to them. If I'm on my toes mind a good position to react so my heels mind a good position to be able not so much. So if you're an attacker, you stick them back on your heels, which George you did couple times brilliantly a couple of other you get them on their heels and you can go around them. And that's when you can throw in the side steps and they're not in a position to react you should be there with them. That's it.