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Attitude towards Winning

The big debate about "Win at all costs" is a hot topic. Falcons academy coach provides his views

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I don't think you should win at all costs. I think sort of take the emphasis emphasis of winning. I think competitions really really important really healthy. And I think I think kids should play in competitive games. If we go back to your earlier question about the whole part whole thing that fundamentally is playing games. So gains by their very nature of competitive. There's someone sort of went out do other people so I think the compact the competition is is really important. It seems that the from the studies the competition seems to come from the coaches or the desire of wind comes from the coaches and comes from the from the parents. I think the kids just want to go out there and enjoy what they're doing. Yeah, there is kids are more competitive than others, but I think the enjoyment is the biggest thing that kids can get out and will be and the camaraderie of it in the make piles in the and generally that the pulse Life to be honest, and so whilst competition is really important. I think kids if you ask the majority of kids to go down there because I'm eight to then they enjoy what they're doing.