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Conor O Shea- how important is the pre-season phase

Conor O Shea focuses on the importance of the pre-season phase

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Hats the stall at for the whole dick best taught me the lovely phrase have been the honeymoon and it is because every Club around the world and preseason and the best preseason ever the players look in great shape. They haven't lost the game. I think we're on beaten at this stage in two months that way because it's June and July so you never really know until you're in the white heat of battle and even pre-season friendlies, you know, you can write them off and say they don't really count too much because you're trying things different combinations, you know, September start of the season when it counts but preseason sets you up at set you up in terms of especially in the Premiership Ortho down in the example, you know, you have 33 36 37 games. It's not super 15. This is your chance to get the conditioning block and the rugby work done to last you a season because it is a woman heck of a hard slog when you get into a week in week out you're as good as your next game and if Take Your Eye Off the next game you will lose but you have to have the base behind you to last you to the end of May and people talk to you target games in the season. When do you pick well your Peak every week because from a cultural perspective you're as good as your next game. So same as a player, but if you don't win now your is all has to be on the bigger picture and you can't, you know, look to flaunt people because they will break down. But ultimately you want to win your next game.