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Ball Presentation Touch Game

Ball Presentation Touch

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Okay, we're not going to play a game of presentation touch. OK this time when the tackle makes two-handed touch. OK the ball carrier has to go down and present the ball. Okay, once that's happened the defense of got to go back five meters from where the ball carriers gone down on the ground. Okay to give the attack some room to play in demonstrate if you were attacking that line, okay, you get taught how would you present the bald guy? Just don't make them just demonstrate how to present the ball. So be down. Okay and present the ball good stuff. Okay, we get it. Okay, let's just do that again this time. Okay, what I want to do is when you get down try and get the ball as far away from the opposition sponsor more like a long presentation. So I just go down again just for me. Okay down. Okay and really Force about that's better. Okay, so that's what kind of presentation we're going to try and get okay how far the Defenders got to go back now. Do you want to show me where you think five meters back from there would be That's it. So we're going to make an effort to get back. Okay, so the attack and then play ball to me. Okay Blues, which way do you want to try and score this game? You're going to go the same way as you're going. Okay, you're going to start with the ball why it's get yourselves ready? Okay, let's start with the past. Let's plate. Touch that but you go depends back five meters. Touch that presentable but we come to friends back home a bike on me. That's played. Lovely hands touch that presenting the ball back on the tree line whites that we come. So it's they're presenting the ball back on the try line again. Good sport one touch that presenting bulb out you come. touch that presenting the ball and bow to me