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Offside Touch - Heads Up Rugby

Use this game of offside touch to force your players to play with their heads up to identify space. One player per side can play in an offside position and players are allowed to kick.

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Okay, right. What we're going to do today is this condition going is a normal game of touch. However, the difference between a normal game and this game is that one man and one man only can be offside. Okay, now you can kick it but you can't pass forward so it's exactly rugby rules. From one man is allowed to be offside all of the time. Okay. two three four five Oh, yes, Karen. But I'm Karen Burgess. Okay, come on yellows. communicate communicate this one Well done. Well done. Tom all that was a nice kick. Good. Well done Louis Allah intensity get Lily. Good, too. I'll give you that. but on a deeper canes well done Monte workers. Did you get him? No. What are Louis Brown? That's good. One Touch two no called yellows, but good thinking once again, well done care and Burgess. one Oh guys. That was excellent. Well done, that's where we're getting to that fast hands would play with intensity some elements in that going with brilliant. We play like that this season with that quick thinking with that intensity with that constructive communication and we'll be fine. We will win most of our games. Okay, anybody got anything to say about that that session I felt very good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah and timing and Rhythm we're getting that timing and Rhythm and that's what you play high intensity rugby with. Okay?