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Conor O Shea - Gamesense for elite

Conor O Shea relates GAmesense coaching within the professional environment

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I said, you know when you were out in a in a match and you are making a decision and what are the typical drills they're bad drills there rocking drills the 3 on 2 therefore and threes their counter attractor drills are kick return whatever you want to say. They're the drills that you are wrong. Well, if you do them with loads of cones line around the place, that's not replicating. What happens in a match a match is dynamic and Brian Houston. You say why do we warm up in a structured way when rugby is a dynamic game yet every and warms up an incredibly structured cones this to that Net players like familiarity, especially when you've got that nervous energy as a player. I would have pulled on my boots spat my hands and run out. I hated warm-ups other players like to our warm-ups different people different ways, but ultimately rugby. Is this dynamic I am so why don't we play more and learn more through the plane of games and that's that's again. When you talk about peer review that's everyone has their own ways of developing performing teams. That will be our way here. We want to play a certain way in a certain style and we'll do that and learn through play more games that is not to say that drills are put to the back and not on Far farmers during an important and integral part of coaching but it's what is the balance between drilled rugby coaching and gameplay?