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Small-side game - Ruck Touch

There are many versions of ruck touch with the support players needing to recognise the needs of the tackled player.

The defence should be conditioned to provide increasing pressure to the tackle area. This will develop the situation recognision of the attacking players who must play accordingly. Robotics in rucking regardles of the situation should be discouraged and the option of picking upthe ball and going forward should be an option

Video Subtitles

Okay. Basically what we're going to do to start is just a game of rock touch. We're going to look at the principles of beating the first offender. Okay, so getting behind the defensive line and then I want the person who's touched to go to floor and present the ball as you present it again. Okay tackled player tackler. Sorry, whoever makes a touch all I want you to do. You're just going to be out of the game until the scrum-half pass the ball away. Okay. So first past has passed away so you can just go down on one knee until until they've got the hands on and then you can come up and make sense. Go good stuff. We use up border. Let's go go to floor. Kate sacher Okay. Yeah, we're turnover guys every drop ball with turnover. Pass it to play pass the play. Let's have a quick play guys quick play Defenders on side, please. School that goes to start the game with just play pass and play Let's go to pass some play to start. Great ball. The speed the play it boys. That's her. Okay. Okay. How did I get stuff just pull in slightly? I-gos, please. Okay, we'll just build the build the game up. Then it make it more game relevant. All I want you to do this time is the tackled player. Okay, he's going to go to floor as per usual the tackler. So the person who makes a touch is going to keep hold of the tackled player next player in from the attacking side is just going to clean that playwright. Okay, you're not going to smash them out the way we're just looking for good techniques have good body position clear about the way third player is going to come in and play the ball makes sense good stuff. Okay Blues. You're going to start. Let's go. Let's play Let's Play so sure. So sir. Great ball. Good ball guys. We're gonna play pick it up and play again. Let's go. Pastor play buddy Okay, blue ball blue ball play it.