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How To Push Pass - Simple Progressions

This video takes you through the basics of why and how we pass in Rugby! Use these explanations and simple progressions to help your players.

Video Subtitles

So was I so let me ask you why do we possibly in Rugby Union? They're in a better position than me to score a try. So he's like even that sort of sort of simple stuff s***. So what other things we look for in a push pass I could see how do I get any accuracy my push past? Follow-through, so where should I finish with my hands so tape so what I would call that I call that rifles so finish with rifles if you hold the rifle with you on a range yet. Okay, do we change our hands position on the ball for a push past do I need to do that? I need to do that. So it's exactly what we just practiced. Okay, and we push through where am I pushing through from? So in front of on top of the hip and then I'm also rotating. Okay and finish through on the target with what holding my rifle. What do you know? Well if this were hand on a clock, where is this pointing at 12 o'clock? So where's the hand now pointing 6 so 12 to 6 in front of the top of the hip punch through with your rifle? Yeah, go that soda. Mommy how we hold a rugby ball? Across the scene so fingers across the seams and with the letter their curly WK, how do you think might want to catch a ball? So what we would hold our we pretend we were holding a ball 10 points of contact Kylie W's right. So if the ball came to you like this, what would you need to do with your curly W to catch it the way right? So we need to adjust our hands to the middle of the ball. So when the ball comes to adjust your hands familiar bull adjust your hands the middle of booklet. Okay. So reason I take them off their feet, it's just because I actually have to then rotate to pass at the trunk. So we go 12 to 6 in front of the top of the hip and punch through Punch rocket punch very good. Nice. Why is the past going into his back? Yeah, follow through so hold the rifle pointing at his hands. Okay, good. Hold a rifle point of the hands. Good boy. Okay, stop there. Commode you progress this. Yes, I stand up so then we stand up so with next do so. What? What what would you yeah, so we can increase this that stand up the case. So when we stand up we then introduce the lower body putting them on Annie's isolates it so it's standing up in order for us to pass what might we want to be able to do with our lower body. What do we need to be able to do we want we need to be able to that give ourselves the best chance of rotating at the trunk. So which foot do you think we have up if I'm passing this way? My Left Foot Right Foot Right Foot left foot so that would then open my body up to the pass if I'm catching a pass from here. Which foot Okay, so we get there we go. So we open up our body to the past but also to receiving the pass. Okay got it. So let's just go through. Let's go punch through yo, yo are 12 to 6 punch through that 12 to 6. Is that 12 to 6 or is it twelve and twelve twelve to sit Good Boy II could scope remember to your rifles at the end. Don't be lazy with your rifles. Good boy. I want you to punch it so it shouldn't look loopy should punch it much better than I like your punch, but we what's the problem for you? Just the release of the past yet. So hold your rifle at the end good try not to flick it punched through the back of the ball. Nice. That's not bad. Just finish with longer arms on your pantry. Okay, where's your active grab? So show me how we're going to catch it? So we need our hands up early into the ball hands up early into the ball hands up early into the ball hands up early into the ball. Show me that Curly W active grab reach early and take it as early as possible. Okay stop.