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The switch - getting started

To develop an understanding of the switch

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10 meter by 10 meter Square can be used to introduce the technique of the switch pass off both the left and right hands. Notice how the ball carrier runs straight and then angles to the outside the receiver remains on the outside and then switches to the inside as late as possible coaches should encourage players to communicate early check that the ball carrier is showing the ball to the switching player that the switching player maintains enough distance behind the ball carrier and at the pass is hidden and suitably waited. Next activity shown here uses a 20 meter by 20 meter grid with four channels. The ball is passed laterally to the player in the third Channel who then switches with the player in the fourth Channel having caught the ball the player in the third Channel instinctively scans to confirm the time and space available before attacking the space in the fourth channel the player in the fourth Channel cuts inside as late as possible. The ball is shown to the switching player.