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Games for Juniors - 10's & over

The Sale sharks community coach delivers a "Game based" warm up with progressions that will lead onto to contact skills. The coach uses examples and questioning to support learning

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It's going to play some touch games and touched on what we did yesterday. Okay games is something to use a lot within the hour sessions as well as a rugby club, especially with the use we use them a lot reasons. Why because it's an inclusion factor for everyone and we believe that the more game centered approach sessions. They have they learn a lot more skills that will be related back to the when they play their games themselves. We're going to play the game TIG if you are ticked, it's just going to be very very quickly five star. Almost M5 walk. I'm dolls quick example of an army roll buddy. Go one two, three, four five. You're very quickly. Just going to be one person for now on the whistle we ready. But hey, let's go. Stay within the pitch. Well, let's go. Let's go. said seconds You're in you're in let's go pick the ball up to the ball of somebody. Five four three two, the Navy's pitchy piggyback. If you see that many square there. I want you all to try and get in that square. Once you're in that square you safe in a piggyback pretty much took a basket on his back goes but good stuff. Boys piggyback properly. Okay, get the ball to somebody else. We ready last one last one good. Someone else said, let's go 10 seconds. Five four three piggybacks. Let's go put your gonna be like Just a quick recap this method in our Madness. So when we're working on piggybacks, what are we working on? What kind of strength upper body strength? Okay, anything else? What body parts we working on? Lex good stuff. Well things we looking for regarding the defense. So spread out remember that word the defense is what where do we attack disorientated? So the space is there let's go them tries if we're dropping the ball is very muddy today. So what kind of points of contact we need to have on it sandwiched entered a thing as well done. I'm ready to lose your mini Starts Now Reds, if you get the ball back just roll it back to the blues. Alright you challenge is how many tries could you call score in a minute? Okay, let's go. Go forward sueldo two points of contact 200 shots. What do we do when we touched? Now we did do that for what I would like to do those when you touch to turn and Pop the ball when you're attacking what decisions you have to make when you've got this ball in your hand your temperature contacts brilliant. It's all off the chest now. I've seen a few dummies. Is that good or bad? Good? What does that do to defense? So the more decisions that goes through a defense or Defenders mind. Will that help was an attack or not? It will all right good start. Should we go into a little bit of a tackling game? Okay, one more warm up with you. I'm going to try a new game. I really happy with these skills so far. So I'm going to try is called choke ball. Okay. Remember the temp ask game we played in the past. So the Reds have got its we just pass it between how many yards did we say? We were going to give him one. Now that's going to get bumped. Okay, still not allowed to move with the ball in hand. But if you can grab that person and prevents him from passing, so if you put the ball down, but try and prevents you could get a pass away. I'll blow the whistle it then becomes the blues ball. Does anyone understand? Should give it a go. Chaos factor. Is it so it's more game-like because a game is quite chaotic. It's not as rigid as drills or exercises are the fun element is probably one of the major aspects as to why we use games. It's fun. I can eat includes everyone and everyone's learning off each other and a lot of skills can happen. His game related to see working on a variety of skills do Two three four five new rule. So what passes it to you? You're not allowed to pass it back to them. There you go. Let's go red. This is car. Pass it back to the same person. Rod 4/5 Good work Blues one things we do is at fault fault identification. So anything that's not working within that game or session will change it to either tighten that up a little bit more. So we're working on that. It might be handling, but I think the coaches really to identify. What's working. What's not quick change you can run. h Fine. Well done Blues. Let's go read your turn. Let's have some real stretch use all the pitch. You saw the pitch good work three four. Excellent Ruby past 5-6. Let's go. Good for you, man. Get out the contacts area quickly usually feet. How many pieces do we get out to Blues 17 well done and I asked a lot of questions throughout just a test for learning really making sure the players are aware of what they're learning how they're doing things when they're doing it and again at the end of the sessions as well. We ask a lot of questions to make sure them learning objects have been met and the players have learnt what the what the session involves varies from Key. factors within that