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QBE - Support Line Breaks & Offloads

Support Line Breaks & Offloads

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Okay gents this pitch we're going that way again, the blue lines the try line for the blacks those cones as a trailer for the yellows those Blues the touchline and the halfway line this touch line as well. And what we're looking for. It's a game of touch if you take it forward. It's a two-handed touch you can then take two steps on once you've been touched and we're looking for support to come in close and take a pass like that. So we're looking for you to support either side if you can so he's got two options each time. There's a touch. Okay happy with those rules. All right. Take it forward. Then. There's a touch two steps. I'm score. Its course Court. Well done. Give it turn it around the other ball. Take it forward. Let's go. Tasha good offload, great support finish it off, but ball let's go Tasha two steps. Take it forward. Let's go. Where's the support? Bionics come backwards. That's what to get support both sides. So sure. Where is it? Good eye floater shallow for the support and score. Okay now to encourage you to encourage all of you to think about working hard to get in those support positions if I break through and score now. Why breakthrough and score everyone else on my team has got three seconds to get there and touch the try line of why the tries not going to count and I'll count it down from three. Okay plate Take It Forward the skill. Where's your support - yeah. There's a trust three two one. Okay, but bull will give you that one year as well done. Take it forward. Let's get that support other side work of the ball. Don't you too many steps. Let's go play Take It Forward. Tasha My own plans go backwards. So shallow for the support go for with it and score three to give you that one. I'm gonna make you a little bit more difficult. Now as soon as you cross the try line, you have to put the ball down well done for thinking though. And now all the other players on your team have to get there and touch the ball within 3 seconds for the try to can take you forward Tasha goddess work defense to get him back. Three, two one. No not quite half a second out turn it around. Go. Let's get this great support three, two one. I'll give you that one. Well done.